We Buy Mobile Home Parks Throughout the US


If you are an owner, broker, or lender interested in selling a mobile home community, then you’ve come to the right place. The following is a general guideline we use to purchase mobile home parks.


Our 4 Primary Methods of Acquisition

  1. For Sale By Owner – If you are a park owner considering selling your mobile home park, please contact us for quick and confidential discussion. 
  2. Distressed Sale – We specialize in acquiring and turning around distressed mobile home parks. If you have a mobile home park that is an REO, in foreclosure, or just struggling call us immediately. Mobile home communities end up in distressed situations for a wide range of reasons. Owner’s health issues, financial complications, economic downturn, and mismanagement are common causes.
  3. Brokers – Whether you are a commercial broker specializing in mobile home parks or a residential real estate agent who happens to have a mobile home park listing, we will work with you. Please contact us if you have a listing that fits our purchase criteria.
  4. Note Purchases – MHP Management Group can acquire your non-performing note on a mobile home park. If you are a bank/lender/note holder on a mobile home community, we have the resources to close very quickly. A note sale is a fast and easy way of getting poorly performing notes out of your portfolio.


Purchase Criteria

The following is a general guideline MHP management Group uses to consider acquiring a mobile home park. Please note that this is not a strict criteria – we make exceptions if a property has other strong merits. If you are an owner, lender, or broker interested in selling a community, please contact us.

Location: Nationwide, with focus on the Northeast, Central, and Midwest states.
Metro areas – population of 100,000 or more within 20 miles
Strong economic area with job diversity. Please, no one factory towns
Price: $200,000 to $3,000,000
Number of Lots: 40 to 400 spaces
Occupancy: 35% to 100%
Condition Irrelevant